About Us

The company serving in the field of architecture in London was founded by Dilek Aga. The projects are handled with an analytical and innovative view from the conceptual design to the construction phase. Art’n Draft Design is working as a young and dynamic company about architectural design, master planning, urban design, interior and 3D visualization and architectural animation. We work by following today's technology and agenda and knowing the material.

Also, Art N Draft Design prepares evacuation projects on passive fire safety preventions in building with the touch of an architect.

Art N Draft Design

Architectural and Passive Fire Safety Design

Art N Draft Design was established in 2020 by Dilek AGA in London. It serves in the field of architectural design and passive fire safety design. In the concept and construction phases, projects are handled with an analytical and innovative perspective. It works by following today’s technology and agenda and recognizing the material.

Dilek AGA

Dilek AGA has been working as an architectural designer. She completed her 4-year undergraduate education in 2012 at the Gazi University which is one of Turkey’s leading universities.She was a postgraduate student at the Gazi University in 2015. She had chance working with a professor who is rare and venerable professors about fire safety in Turkey. Her master degree thesis, Fire Safety Preventions For Mixed-Use High Rise Buildings, is one of the rare works done in the subject in the world. Besides her academic studies, her professional experiences have been continued since 2012. She worked as an architect and fire safety specialist in leader companies of Turkey about architecture and fire safety in Turkey . She worked a lot of different phases of project as a lead architect and team member and fire safety specialist. In 2018, she established her own company Art N Draft in Turkey. Since 2020, she has been continuing her career at Art N Draft Design in London