Art N Draft Design

Architectural and Passive Fire Safety Design

“Architecture is part of nature.

We have a dream about architecture that feels nature, integrates with its surroundings, pays attention to the sound of the material, transmits life styles to the space, melts the spirit of the space in the soul of its user.

Our mission is to create a fluid, holistic, timeless window that pushes the boundaries. We have a dream about architecture that is not consumed, but changing, transforming, developing..."

Art N Draft Design

We are proud of working with you.

We cooperate effectively with all project stakeholders or customers with our detail-oriented architectural design approach. Having a wide portfolio in the fields of architectural and passive fire safety design allows us to carry out works that exceed customer expectations. We are a creative and productive design company capable of working independently or as part of architectural teams. We prepare projects by keeping the accumulations of our proven successful past in the fields of Architecture and Passive Fire Safety with our analytical creativity.